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Firsts Magazine for Rare Book Collectors  

Firsts Magazine; has been the premier publication in its field for more than 20 years. Now published bimonthly, it is an invaluable resource for book collectors. Firsts provides an entry into the entertaining and enlightening world of book collecting. Whether you're just starting out or a collector of many years' standing, you'll find something of interest in every issue.


Part One: Collecting Terms
Part Two: Why Collect Books?
Part Three: The What and Why of First Editions
Part Four: What Should I Collect?
Part Five: Where Do I Find the Books?
Part Six: What's My Book Worth?
Part Seven: Protecting My Investment I - Dust Jacket Protectors
Part Eight: Protecting My Investment II - -Shelving
Part Nine: Protecting My Investment III - Storage
Part Ten: Protecting My Investment IV - Insurance
Part Eleven: How to Read