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January 2004
Collecting John Fowles
The Changing Face of Book Collecting
The Complex Legacy of John Sanford
Ten Years Ago: Kenneth Roberts
Books into Film: The Citadel

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February 2004
C. S. Forester and The Age of Sail
Collecting C. S. Forester, Part One:
The African Queen and All That
C. S. Forester: An Annotated Checklist
of First Editions, 1924-1936
C. S. Forester’s Films
Lord Nelson and His Navy
Ten Years Ago: Mario Vargas Llosa
Books into Film: The African Queen

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March 2004
C. S. Forester and The Age of Sail
Collecting C. S. Forester, Part Two:
Horatio Hornblower and All That
The Historical Hornblower
C. S. Forester: An Annotated Checklist
of First Editions, 1937-1964
Naval Adventure Fiction from the Age of Sail
Ten Years Ago: B. Traven
Books into Film: Captain Horatio Hornblower
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April 2004
His Dark Places:
The Remarkable Books of James Ellroy
Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators
Collecting Ross Macdonald
Kenneth Millar:
An Updated Checklist of First Editions
Ten Years Ago: Virginia Woolf
Books into Film: Rear Window

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May 2004
William Faulkner: Mississippi Rascal
William Faulkner: A Checklist
of Primary First Editions
Bill’s Brother John, The Other Faulkner
The Bookman’s Ordeal
Ten Years Ago: Chester Himes
Books into Film:
The Hamlet/The Long, Hot Summer

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June 2004
Egypt and Egyptology Special Issue
Bob Brier:
A Passion for Ancient Egypt
Collecting MPM: Barbara Mertz, Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels
Michael Pearce: The Mamur Zapt, A Man of his Time
Ten Years Ago: Tony Hillerman and Nathanael West
Books into Film: Death on the Nile

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September 2004
The Loeb Classical Library
The Loeb Classical Library: The Top 50 List
Collecting Tobias Wolff
First Editions on Film 2003
Ten Years Ago: Aldous Huxley
Books into Film: Elmer Gantry
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October 2004
Collecting Jack Williamson: Master of Wonder
Jack Williamson: A Checklist
Auction Report: The Neville Auction at Sotheby’s
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: Best of 2003
Ten Years Ago: Philip K. Dick
Books into Film: Gabriel Over the White House
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November 2004
Collecting Philo Vance
S.S. Van Dine: An Annotated Checklist
Behind The Black Mask
Leslie Turner White
Ten Years Ago: Lawrence Block
Books into Film: The Kennel Murder Case
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December 2004
Collecting Louisa May Alcott
Louisa May Alcott: A Checklist of First Editions
Brian Jacques and Redwall
A Jacques Checklist
Ten Years Ago: Edward Gorey
Books into Film: Ring of Bright Wate