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January 2014

Edna Ferber: An American Treasure
Edna Ferber: An Annotated Checklist of First Editions
Edna Ferber as a Sleuth: The Mysteries of Ed Ifkovic
Ferber’s Features: A Special “Books into Film”
Previously: 1994 – Kenneth Roberts, Walter D. Edmonds; 2004 – John Fowles, A. J. Cronin

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February 2014

George S. Kaufman: A Collaborator’s Dream, A Collector’s Nightmare
Kaufman’s Collaborators
George S. Kaufman: An Annotated Checklist
Kaufman & Ferber: A Special “Books into Film”
Previously: 1994 – Mario Vargas Llosa, John Steinbeck; 2004 – C. S. Forester, Pt. 1

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March 2014

A. Merritt: Lord of Fantasy
Subterranean Press: An Interview with William Schafer
Lucky Seven: Vintage Las Vegas Crime Novels
Books into Film – Some Must Watch / The Spiral Staircase
Previously: 1994 – B. Traven, Ken Kesey; 2004 – C. S. Forester, Pt. 2

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April 2014

A Special Letter from the Editor and Publisher
T. S. Stribling: Trailblazer of American Literature
T. S. Stribling: A Briefly Annotated Checklist of First Editions
Masterpieces? High Spots of American Literature as Operas
Books into Film – An American Tragedy / A Place in the Sun
Previously: 1994 Virginia Woolf, Larry McMurtry; 2004 – Kenneth Millar (Ross Macdonald), Cornell Woolrich

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May/June 2014

Hilary Mantel: A Moment When Life Changes
Hilary Mantel: A Checklist of First Editions
From Booker to Man Booker: The United Kingdom’s Most Distinguished Literary Award
Books into Film – A Shilling for Candles / Young and Innocent
Previously: 1994 – Chester Himes, James Leo Herlihy, Tony Hillerman, Geoffrey Homes; 2004 – William Faulkner, Elizabeth Peters, Agatha Christie

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July/August 2014

Ross Thomas: Every Shade of Gray
Ross Thomas: An Annotated Checklist of First Editions
Graham Greene After the War, Part One, 1945-1955
Previously: 1994 – Nathanael West, Paul Brodeur

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September/October 2014

Jhumpa Lahiri: A Writer’s Journey
Jhumpa Lahiri: A Checklist of First Editions
Firsts in Film 2013
Graham Greene After the War, Part Two, 1956-1978
Previously: September 1994 – Aldous Huxley, Edward Hooker, October 1994 – Philip K. Dick, Michael Crichton, September 2004 – Tobias Wolff, Sinclair Lewis, October 2004 – Jack Williamson

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November/December 2014

Randy Wayne White: Absolutely Almost Feverish
—An Annotated Checklist
of First Editions
—Carlene Brennen: Hemingway’s Cats and the Silver King
—Cooking with Randy Wayne White
Lawrence Block, Kenneth Fearing,December 1994 – Edward Gorey, Sterling North, November 2004 – S. S. Van Dine, December 2004 – Louisa May Alcott, Gavin Maxwell
Books into Film: Flamingo Road, a novel written by Robert Wilder, a film directed by Michael Curtiz from a screenplay by Wilder and Edmund North.