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January/Feb 2016

Twenty-Five Years of Firsts!
The Poems and Novels of James Dickey
James Dickey: A Selected Checklist
Classic Comic Strips as Collectable Books #2 – Li’l Abner
Antiquarian Notes: Scandals Pt. 3 – Forgery!
Five-Year Index, 2011–2015

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March / April 2016

Forty Borrowed Lifetimes: James Clavell
James A. Michener in the Korean War: A Special "Books into Film"
Classic Comic Strips as Collectable Books #6 – Milton Caniff
Antiquarian Notes: Scandals Pt. 4 – The Further Exploits of Massimo de Caro

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May / June 2016

The Writer Who Is Interested: Malcolm Gladwell
Listening to the Past: Jill Lepore
Classic Comic Strips as Collectable Books #4 – Harold Gray
Books into Film: Bad Girl, a novel written by Viña Delmar; a film directed by Frank Borzage.
Antiquarian Notes: Scandals Part Four – The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife – Forgery!

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July / August 2016

Collecting Alan Furst: Unraveling The Fabric of Europe’s Network of Spies
Snapshots: Great spy novels written by W. Somerset Maugham and Eric Ambler.
Rosemary Rowe: Those Who Teach, Can Do
Classic Comic Strips as Collectable Books #5 – Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy
Antiquarian Notes: Looping Back to the Beginning

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September / October 2016

Collecting Michael McGarrity: Good Cop, Good Writer
Snapshots: New Mexico as portrayed by William McLeod Raine in The Trusty Knaves.
Classic Comic Strips as Collectable Books #6 – Bill Mauldin’s Willie & Joe
Firsts in Film 2015
Antiquarian Notes: Why Re-Read Moby-Dick?

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November / December 2016

The Children's Books of E. B. White
Snapshots: Garth Williams, Illustrator
Classic Comic Strips as Collectable Books: #7
Hal Foster's Tarzan & Prince Valiant
Tarzan after Foster: The Dynamic Art of Burne Hogarth
Books into Film: The Jungle Books